The Shepherd’s WHEELS transportation service is provided for senior citizens (60+) who live within Greensboro city limits and are unable to drive or have limited access to transportation. All drivers are volunteers who share their time, cars and gas in order to help.  

  • Rider will be picked up at home by one of our volunteers and returned home after errands are finished.
  • Limit of three stops with a maximum time limit of two hours.DSC01094 a
  • Shopping can only be done at our approved list of destination sites that include most banks, utility payment sites, grocery stores, drug stores, post office, etc.
  • Request must be called in 7-10 days ahead of date when the ride is needed
  • Rider must be able make the calls to the office and to receive confirmation calls.
  • Rides are provided within Greensboro city limits.
  • We do not transport wheelchairs.

Please call the SCG office to discuss basic eligibility and to be placed on our waiting list for applications.